Star Wars Holiday Special Art Show!

Hub Holiday Special 01 WEBb

Our Star Wars art show has come and gone, but we’re leaving up our original announcement for its great puns. Photos will be up soon, too!

HUB COMICS is ready to transport you to A Galaxy Far, Far Away….
with our STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL art show!

We want to Leia our eyes upon your Art-2 D2, your interpretations of the world of Star Wars: 2D and 3D artwork is eligible, the more creative the better.

Hub Holiday Special 02B WEBThe opening reception will be on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th and the show runs throughout December. If interested, please send us an email at [email protected] with STAR WARS ART in the subject line. Emailed photos of your your Jar Jar Inks will be required no later than SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30th. Please include your name, title, medium, and size of the piece, as well as pricing information if applicable. Because of space limitations, we may not be able to accept all submissions (we will notify you on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2nd). All accepted pieces don’t have to be encased in Carbonite, but must be ready for hanging and installation.
Support the Rebellion with your art!

Celebrate the light;
Celebrate the might;
Celebrate the fight;
Celebrate the love.


May the Force be with you!